Den Breejen is active in all marine and industrial markets where it carries out blasting and paint work on both new and existing construction. We conserve newly built ships, ships under repair, naval vessels, yachts, offshore platforms, wind farms, and industrial equipment and objects.

Maritime and Industrial Sectors

With complete confidence, we will take on projects and jobs in the marine and industrial world that require paint work of the very highest quality.

Newly-Built Ships

For our largest clients’ newly constructed ships, we integrate blasting and painting by temporarily establishing ourselves at the external location, anywhere in the world. Our people, blasting halls, facilities and other equipment are established at our partner’s site. In other cases, Den Breejen provides flexible and appropriate solutions through its mobile workforce, facilities and equipment.

Ships under Repair

Den Breejen has permanent facilities at the repair yards of its largest partners, which means Den Breejen can respond very quickly to client needs during ship maintenance and repair. This is our greatest strength. With extreme efficiency, we ensure that work is carried out through a high capacity approach in a very short time span, meeting the highest quality standards, at any desired location. If required, we can work outside normal working hours to avoid disturbing the repair and maintenance work in process.

Naval Ships

One of Den Breejen’s specialisations in the maritime world is naval vessels. We comply fully with the strict conservation requirements for these vessels.


For complete paint work, including filling and finishing, the Den Breejen Group is a reliable partner in the yacht-building industry; this includes both new (super) yachts and yachts requiring maintenance or repair.


The Den Breejen Group can blast and conserve offshore platforms at any location, on land or at sea.


Besides all manner of maritime objects, the Den Breejen Group conserves every conceivable industrial object including (chemical) facilities and pipelines, wind farms, power stations, storage tanks, bridges and locks.

Specialised Projects

Because Den Breejen possesses all the knowledge, expertise and equipment for thorough conservation of metal objects, we also blast and paint unique objects such as military vehicles or steel masts.

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