The Den Breejen Group headquarters are based in Sliedrecht. In addition, several subsidiaries, each with their own specialisations, are based at other locations at home and abroad.


Den Breejen Sliedrecht

Den Breejen Sliedrecht is the headquarters of the Den Breejen Group. The various subsidiaries both at home and abroad are managed in Sliedrecht. Complex projects implemented jointly by several subsidiaries, for example, are coordinated at these headquarters. Regional painting assignments are also executed at Sliedrecht.

Sportlaan 255 · 3364 DK · Sliedrecht · The Netherlands
Tel +31 184 41.27.03 · Fax +31 184 42.02.30 ·


Den Breejen Rotterdam

Over the years, Den Breejen Rotterdam (formerly the Rotterdam Sandblasting Company or RZB) has become the leading specialist in the field of surface treatment, such as metal plating and conservation. Den Breejen Rotterdam can implement any project in the field of surface treatment and conservation, regardless the scope of work in terms of volume or value, and regardless distance or location.

Eemhavenweg 26 · 3089 KG · Rotterdam · The Netherlands
Tel +31 10 429.12.88 · Fax +31 10 429.72.77 ·

Den Breejen Zeeland

Den Breejen Zeeland is focused on painting ships and super-yachts that are under construction, or undergoing maintenance and repair, in the southwestern region of the Netherlands.

Singel 259 · 4381 VJ · Vlissingen · The Netherlands
Tel +31 118 41.23.08 · Fax +31 118 41.03.08 ·

Den Breejen Northern Netherlands

Den Breejen is also located in the northern part of the Netherlands with an office in Franeker in the province of Friesland.

Edisonstraat 28 · 8801 PN · Franeker · The Netherlands
Tel +31 517 39.22.98 · Fax +31 517 38.25.74 ·

Den Breejen Vacuum Cleaning

Den Breejen Vacuum Cleaning (formerly Hillers Vacuum Cleaning) is specialised in cleaning tanks for class inspections, issuing gas-free and hot work certificates, and as preparation for all common types of paint work. Using vacuum vessels with a total capacity of more than 250 m3, we can provide service in ports or alongside ships. If facilities or tanks are further removed from the water, we use our vacuum trucks with capacities of 7-19 m3. If necessary, Den Breejen Vacuum Cleaning can also expand capacity by using various mobile vacuum units.

Sportlaan 255 · 3364 DK · Sliedrecht · The Netherlands
Tel +31 184 43.08.03 · Fax +31 184 43.08.04 ·

Den Breejen Maintenance

Den Breejen Maintenance (formerly Hillers Maintenance Services) is fully specialised in the maintenance of ships, and uses both traditional and modern technology in the process. In addition to pre-treatment and conservation, Den Breejen Maintenance also specialises in cleaning and refurbishing ships and sites.

One of the pre-treatment options is open and dust-free blasting. Besides blasting with blast sand, Den Breejen Maintenance blasts with water under extremely high pressure (hydro-jetting up to 3000 bar). Because hydro-jet blasting does not produce dust and is far less noisy, any inconvenience to our clients is minimised, allowing them to continue their work even as we are carrying out our procedures. With hydro-jetting, Den Breejen contributes actively and positively to a healthier environment.

Sportlaan 255 · 3364 DK · Sliedrecht · The Netherlands
Tel +31 184 43.08.03 · Fax +31 184 43.08.04 ·

Den Breejen Romania

Den Breejen Romania is located in the Romanian city of Galati. This office performs local and international projects as part of the Den Breejen portfolio.

Al. Moruzzi Street 132 · 800223 · Galati · Romania
Tel +40 236 44.98.08 · Fax +40 236 44.95.66 ·