Den Breejen actively implements its policies regarding safety, working conditions, quality and the environment, all aimed at providing the best conditions for both our people and yours.


Den Breejen stands out because of the high quality of work and services provided. This also applies to our processes and our ongoing quest to improve processes, operations, people and organisation. We take your feedback into account in future projects and current work, so that we will continue to be the best partner on the market. Den Breejen Zeeland is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Safety and Working Conditions

The safety and working conditions of your people and ours are always paramount. We work according to strict internal security standards and agreements. Our company Den Breejen Schilders is VCA ** certified.

The environment

Den Breejen has an active environmental policy which is implemented, for example, by recycling materials and waste. We dispose of all materials and waste through the appropriate channels to minimise any harm to the environment.