The Den Breejen Group utilises the latest technologies in blasting and painting ships and other objects, whether this involves providing the best and most advanced, complex coating systems or complex surface preparation.

Only the Very Best

Den Breejen is always looking for the latest and best technologies to protect marine and industrial surfaces. Together with our suppliers, we have developed the best systems and equipment for removing rust, old layers of paint, and dirt. Our own equipment and blasting halls allow Den Breejen to clean all metal surfaces extremely thoroughly before applying complex coating systems.


Besides conventional dry blasting, including the finest types of blast sand, Den Breejen also uses hydro-jetting for the deep cleaning of all metal surfaces. Water under extremely high pressure (up to 3,000 bar) is used to treat steel. Some advantages of hydro-jetting are:

  • reduced environmental impact
  • fast and efficient
  • your work is uninterrupted

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Development of Coating Systems

In close collaboration with its suppliers, Den Breejen is continuously developing the best coating systems for highly specialised ships such as icebreakers, or for the most extreme climatic conditions.

Professional advice

Den Breejen advises partners and clients regarding the most appropriate, sometimes complex, coating systems, whether this concerns a traditional rosin-based anti-fouling paint, the most modern fluoropolymer non-stick coatings or silyl acrylate anti-fouling paints.