The Den Breejen Group is a reliable partner for all painting in yacht-building, including fillers and finishing, for both new (super) yachts and yachts requiring maintenance or repair.

Yacht Building

The Den Breejen Group is active in the new construction market for every conceivable type of yacht, from pleasure yachts to super yachts. We meticulously prepare and paint every imaginable surface on the outside and (primarily) the inside of the yacht. This includes the engine, tanks and other pipelines. Yacht building requires a very orderly and structured working method.

Permanently on Location

For our partners’ construction of new yachts, we integrate pre-treatment and painting by temporarily establishing ourselves at the external location, anywhere in the world. Our people, blasting halls, facilities and other equipment are then established at our partner’s site. In other cases, Den Breejen can provide flexible and appropriate solutions with its mobile workforce, facilities and equipment.


In many situations, Den Breejen carries out blasting and conservation work outside normal working hours at the partner site. This ensures the most effective working environment for our partners by minimising disruption to their own work. This flexibility makes us a unique and pleasant partner to work with.