The Den Breejen Group is exceptional because of its customised solutions. Besides our blasting and paint work in the maritime and industrial fields, we are active in a wide range of projects and assignments. Den Breejen offers flexible and effective solutions thanks to its mobile workforce, facilities and equipment.

Specialised Projects

The Den Breejen Group’s extensive knowledge and in-house expertise means it can perform a wide variety of assignments and projects. The work is always based on our core business activities such as sandblasting, hydro-jetting, cleaning and painting: in other words, anything from blasting concrete, electrostatic spraying of metal objects, spray painting army vehicles with camouflage colours, cleaning yachts or cleaning tanks thoroughly.


The flexibility of our people, our own locations and the availability of mobile equipment means Den Breejen is able to work both at our own locations as well as those of our clients.

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Since there are countless options for blasting, cleaning and painting, we ask you to contact Den Breejen so that we can discuss your best possible solution.